The 5 Question Guide To Hiring The Perfect Agent

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With over 5600 real estate agents in the Greater Alabama MLS and in Birmingham, hiring the right agent to sell your home can make a world of difference.

Realistically you can't interview all the agents, but you can select a few agents to interview. At least two or three! Don't know who to interview? It's okay you can research reviews online or ask family, friends, neighbors or peers if they can recommend anyone to interview for the job.

Once you’ve selected your agents, set up a time to meet each one individually. During these meetings, be prepared to jot down notes so you can review what each agent has to offer and make the best decision for you after the interview process.

Now that you've got your interviews lined up you'll want to know what to ask. Asking the right questions makes all the difference! And that's how we can help. Input your information into the form and I'll promptly send you the 5 Question Guide!